Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Imaginable by J. Meyers

(Intangible # 2)
By: J. Meyers
Pub. Date: April 16, 2013
Pages: 342
Source: Sent from Author in exchange for an honest review

Twins Sera and Luke Raine’s unusual abilities are growing. Sera is healing vampires now, making them human again. And, at times, Luke can actually change the future he Sees.

But Sera’s healing has dangerous consequences, and though Luke is altering the outcome of more visions, he can’t control them yet.

Now Sera is in danger as the dark creatures of the Realm seek to use her. As Luke struggles to master his gift in order to save his sister, he discovers even more about his powers.

And what he learns just may put him in greater danger than Sera has ever been.
I loved, loved, loved last years, Intangible, so I was very excited to receive Imaginable for review. I did enjoy this story, but I enjoyed the first one a little bit more.

What I loved most about the first book was the characters, and I loved them just as much in this one. Sera and Luke are twins who have special powers. I really enjoyed the banter between these two, but you could tell underneath all that joking around that they love each other and will protect each other at all costs. I also enjoyed watching their abilities grow and develop. Both Luke and Sera have developed feelings for people who aren't quite human, one is a fey and one is a vampire. I am excited to see where these relationships will go in future books.

We also get to meet new people with all different kinds of abilities. The whole secret of these kids and what they are, and why they have abilities is also developed more. I found all of this very interesting.  We also get to see more of the realm, which I really enjoyed.

I love Jonas so much, and I was excited to hear that Meyers wrote a novel, Indomitable, which is told completely in Jonas POV. I can't wait to read it!

I would have liked more of a recap though. I spent most of the time lost and confused. Some things were recapped, but not everything. This did take a lot away from the story because I spent more time trying to figure things out then reading and enjoying what was happening. But other then that I did enjoy Imaginable  and look forward to what Meyers write next for these characters. 


  1. I've read the first book, and I remember being quite taken with the characters myself. Shame that you had to spend some time while reading the book trying to remember what happened - I hate when that happens.

    Great review! :)

    Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant

  2. I've got the first book on my kindle - sounds like I should try starting it soon!

    Nice review!


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