My Policy

I started this blog because I wanted a place where I could share my love of books and reading with others who feel the same way as me. Reading for me is an escape from reality. All of my problems disappear when I have my nose in a book!

I would be more than happy to review any upcoming books, or previously released books from authors and publishers and would love the opportunity to spread the word about your books in anyway I can. In addition to this website, I also post my book reviews on goodreads, as well as linking them up to my twitter account (both links you can find on the "About Me" page). I love reading, and I love being able to share my opinions with everyone! My reviews are mostly positive, but that is because I am reading books I know will interest me. The reviews are my opinions, and if there is something I do not like, I will write about it, but I will never just write a purely negative review.

I prefer if the books I receive are YA, but I do enjoy some adult books as well. I am also able to accept ebooks.

Please contact me if you have a book you would like for me to review or if you have any questions. You may email me at: Krissy724(at)gmail(dot)com.

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