Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Severed by Megg Jensen

(Cloud Prophet # 3)
By: Megg Jensen
Pub. Date: November 25, 2012
Publisher: Self
Pages: 265
Source: Author
Reychel knows her gift of prophecy will lead to madness and now she is at her most vulnerable. The enemy army will attempt to sever her from everything she's ever known: her homeland, her friends, Mark, and her gift. Even at her weakest, she refuses to give up on her desire to end the war between the Malborn and the Serenians. Reychel would do anything, even come back from the dead, to conquer the enemy and reunite with Mark.
I was so excited to receive a copy of Severed for review since I loved the first two books in the series so much, but then it took me forever to read it! Which was stupid, because this book was awesome. It's a great conclusion to a wonderful series!

I have loved Reychel from the very beginning and her character grows with each book. She used to be slave who had no idea that the stories she told were actual visions of the future. She is so brave and she is willing to do anything to protect those she loves and others around her. I love that she still uses her "gift" to help others, knowing that the more she uses it the crazier she will become.

There is so much action and plot twists, I had to idea where this story was going to go! The choices that Reychel had to face were bone chilling and I have no idea how she was able to get through it all.

This is an exciting series and I am sad to see it end, though I liked the direction that Megg Jensen took with the conclusion. I have already read Sleepers, the first book in her other trilogy, which I adored, and I am looking forward to reading the second book, Afterlife

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  1. Haven't read any of these but they sound really great. I like any story that deals with pending madness. I'm kind of a sucker for it! Thanks for the review! :D


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