Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Gianni by Melissa Schroeder

(The Santinis # 3)
By: Melissa Schroeder
Pub. Date: May 17, 2013
Pages: 100
Source: eARC from Author

The youngest of the Santinis, Gee has always been the biggest flirt. He usually has no problem charming women. That is until he spies Kianna Jones across the room. For once in his life, he is unable to charm her into a date.

Kianna is a woman who doesn’t expect romance, especially with a sexy PJ who is five years younger than she is. But, he just won’t give up so she agrees to a date, which turns into several and eventually to the best sex of her life. Still, she isn’t ready to commit beyond their present status.

Gee isn’t happy when Kianna resists taking their relationship to the next level but he refuses to give up. If there is one thing a Santini understands is that nothing worth fighting for comes easily—and he is prepared to launch the fight of his life.
Gianni is the third book in the Santini brother novella series. While I am really enjoying these brothers and their stories, each book is exactly the same. The man meets the girl, she has trust issues, they start dating, they break up, they get back together. The end. I would have liked something more with Gianni but it ending up being the same story, different brother, leaving me a disappointed.

Gianni, or Gee is the baby brother. He is a flirt and definitely has no trouble charming the panties off any lady. But then he meets Kianna, and the adorable Gee makes a complete ass hat of himself. Kianna is a widow who is a few years older then Gee. Though the two of them are from different worlds, their personalities fit well together. Gee only has 24 hours before he ships out and he wants to make the best of that time, so he wants to spend that time with Kianna. When he comes back after two months, it's like no time has passed at all, and Gee and Kianna pick up right where they left off.

Without giving away any spoilers, I absolutely loved the ending. It was so sweet. Gee really knows Kianna perfectly! I also enjoyed the quotes said by Gee and Kianna at the beginning of each chapter. I thought it captured the two characters perfectly.

I am excited for Vicente's story which is being released next. Even though it will probably be exactly like the first three stories, these brothers definitely have a place in my heart! I just wish that there were more than four brothers! 

3.5 stars rounded up to 4

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