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Review: Thief by Ava March

(Brook Street # 1)
By: Ava March
Pub. Date: March 19, 2012
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 112
Source: Netgalley
London, 1822 ... It was only supposed to be one night. One night to determine once and for all if he truly preferred men. But the last thing Lord Benjamin Parker expected to find in a questionable gambling hell is a gorgeous young man who steals his heart.

It was only supposed to be a job. Cavin Fox has done it many times — select a prime mark, distract him with lust, and leave his pockets empty. Yet when Cavin slips away under the cover of darkness, the only part of Benjamin he leaves untouched is his pockets.

With a taste of his fantasies fulfilled, Benjamin wants more than one night with Cavin. But convincing the elusive young man to give them a chance proves difficult. Living with a band of thieves in the worst area of London, Cavin knows there's no place for him in a gentleman's life. Yet Benjamin isn't about to let Cavin—and love—continue to slip away from him.
This m/m romance is set in 1822 London and it is a perfect historical novella. While the sexual parts in the story are hot, they are also sweet and tender. The connection between the two male characters was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for anything better, except maybe a longer story.

Lord Benjamin Parker has lived his 25 years alone and confused. One night he finally decides to act on his attraction to men and goes to a place that specializes in men who favor the company of other men, hoping it will lead to a one night stand. When he is approached by the gorgeous and confident Cavin Fox, he knows he has found his guy. The two of them experience a night of passion neither were ever expecting!

Cavin Fox wakes before Ben does and we find out that he sleeps with men and before he leaves, he steals their wallets. But something was different about Ben and Cavin couldn't steal from him, no matter how badly he needed the money. Expecting to never see Ben again, Cavin leaves. But it turns out that due to circumstances they two of them will see each other many more times.

I absolutely loved Cavin. He comes across as this confident guy, but deep down he's lonely, scared, and tries desperately to be an honest and good person, but knows that he is not. He's lived on the streets for a good part of his life and the man that took him in beats him and forces him to have sex with men. His story is a sad one, and I couldn't help but root for him and Ben. The two of them had the sweetest chemistry. When Ben told Cavin that he has never been with a guy before, Cavin instantly became as gentle as any good and understanding person would. His reaction was just so sweet, especially because his first time was forced out of him.

Ben is a Lord with more money then Cavin could ever imagine and Cavin is a street kid. The two of them are from two completely different sides of society and while Ben doesn't care, Cavin doesn't think he deserves Ben's love. The two of them struggle, but the connection is there. They might not be equals in society, but Ben never thinks he is better then Cavin, he treats Cavin as an equal and the two of them are equals in the bedroom as well.

The ending was so perfect that it left me with a huge smile on my face. If you are a fan of gay romance, or just romance in general, I would definitely recommend Thief.

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  1. I have never read a gay romance novel but if I were to start somewhere I would for sure have to look this way, especially after reading this review.


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