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Review: Haunted by Joy Preble

(Dreaming Anastasia # 2)
By: Joy Preble
Pub. Date: February 1, 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Pages: 290
Source: Borrowed
Anne Michaelson is trying to forget everything that happened last year. But it's hard to do when her heart aches for Ethan and there's a wild-haired woman stalking her...

Ethan Kosinsky is embracing his newfound mortality. But something is drawing him back to the girl he left behind-back to Anne and back to the magic...

A mysterious stranger is hunting Anne wherever she goes. No one sees her but Anne. When she searches for the woman's identity, Anne exposes secrets about her own life- things that will change her life forever. And when the gorgeous Ethan returns, her life gets a lot more complicated.

Anne thought her journey with the Romanov family had ended, but it was just the beginning...
The Dreaming Anastasia series is a very original and enjoyable series and Haunted did not disappoint. There is still enough mystery, romance, family secrets and Russian lore to keep you very satisfied. After the events in Dreaming Anastasia, all of our favorite characters have changed, and while they thought it was all over, they realize in Haunted that it is just beginning. New threats threaten to tear them apart and it's up to Anne, once again, to try and save everyone.

Anne has been dealing with a lot since the end of DA, but pretends everything is ok. She has a nice, normal boyfriend, Ben, but her best friend Tess knows something is up. Turns out Anne's been having nightmares of Baba Yaga, is being stalked by some crazy lady in the water that only she can see (which turns out to be a Rusalkas, a Russian mermaid), feels guilty for Anastasia choosing to die, and not only that, but her power is getting stronger. On top of everything else, Ethan decided to leave America, so he can give Anne a normal life, not realizing that what she really needed is him.

I loved Ethan so much in DA, and he is just as sad and broken in this one. He loves Anne, but thinks it's best to stay away from her. He also isn't immortal anymore. He spent the last 100 years thinking one thing, to realize it was all a lie. Now he needs to learn what it's like to be mortal again.

Haunted dives deeper into Anne's family secrets and we learn a lot more about her moms biological mother, which was very interesting. I really enjoyed the parts with Anne and Ethan too. They have such a great connection and they both deserve happiness. I also loved that the book is written in different POVs. I really get a much better feel for the story and all of the different characters.

Haunted is a fast paced and enjoyable read. I am excited to see how it all comes together in the last and final book, Anastasia Forever.

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  1. Hadn't heard of these, but I'm all for Russian lore! Thanks for the review! :D

  2. Neither have I, but I think I'm definitely missing out on something! Great review, Kristina! <3 This sounds like a fun read!!! (not to mention a story with mentions of Russian mermaids O_O)

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  3. eeep! I loved Haunted so much. It's better than Dreaming Anastasia in so many ways. Can't wait to read the last book! Great review!

    Fragments of Life


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