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Review: Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols

Such A Rush
By: Jennifer Echols
Pub. Date: July 10, 2012
Publisher: MTV Books
Pages: 320
Source: ARC from Publisher
A sexy and poignant romantic tale of a young daredevil pilot caught between two brothers.

High school senior Leah Jones loves nothing more than flying. While she’s in the air, it’s easy to forget life with her absentee mother at the low-rent end of a South Carolina beach town. When her flight instructor, Mr. Hall, hires her to fly for his banner advertising business, she sees it as her ticket out of the trailer park. And when he dies suddenly, she’s afraid her flying career is gone forever.  

But Mr. Hall’s teenage sons, golden boy Alec and adrenaline junkie Grayson, are determined to keep the banner planes flying. Though Leah has crushed on Grayson for years, she’s leery of getting involved in what now seems like a doomed business — until Grayson betrays her by digging up her most damning secret. Holding it over her head, he forces her to fly for secret reasons of his own, reasons involving Alec. Now Leah finds herself drawn into a battle between brothers — and the consequences could be deadly.

I am such a huge fan of Jennifer Echols! She is one of my favorite contemporary authors, and I have no idea why I haven't read any of her romantic comedies. I must read them soon! Echols has done it again with Such A Rush. I was hooked from the first paragraph, and stayed in my happy Jennifer Echols place for the rest of the book!

Leah has spent her entire life in trailer parks that were located right next to airports. From the time she was a little girl, she knew her only way out of the trailer was to fly. She has always wanted to be a pilot, and at 14 finally gets a job at an airport. It is there that she learns to fly. I thought Leah was awesome. She has her pilot license people! It seriously does not get any cooler then that. I really admired Leah because when I was growing up, I secretly wanted to be a pilot. I was totally that girl (and still am) who stares at the planes until you can't see them anymore in the sky and wonders where it's headed. In HS, I even contemplated joining the Air Force, but I was too scared to go for it. Leah wasn't scared. She was brave and kick-ass.

When Leah's boss/teacher suddenly dies, his teenage twin sons, Alex and Grayson take over the business, well Grayson takes over and Alex follows along. I really enjoyed the brother dynamic. There were definitely some issues between them, but you can tell how much they loved and cared for each other, especially with everything they were going through with losing their father and their older brother in Afghanistan. Alex was the sweet and thoughtful brother and Grayson was supposed to be the "I don't care about anything or anyone" one, but I loved Grayson! He had some really sweet moments that made me root for him. He also had some moments that totally made me want to punch him though too! I loved watching Leah and Grayson's relationship unfold. It was very interesting to watch.

Grayson was keeping way to many secrets throughout the story and you could tell that he was holding himself together by a thread. There were many times that I thought he was going to completely break down. I wanted to know these secrets so badly, and this definitely caused me to read faster and put the book down fewer times! 

The plot was fast paced and interesting, I especially enjoyed the blackmail aspects that were going on between Grayson and Leah. I am also a huge fan of the way that Echols writes. What I love most about it is that her stories and characters are just so realistic. I really feel that everything that goes on in her books can happen in real life.

If you're an Echols fan, or this is your first book of hers that you are trying out, I don't think you will be disappointed with Such A Rush. I highly recommend it, along with everything else she has ever written.

Thank you so much Gallery Books/MTV (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) for sending me a review copy of Such A Rush in exchange for an honest review!   


  1. Great review! I love Jennifer Echols! I would read anything by her . . . so I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Heard so many amazing things about it! :)

  2. Echols evokes a lot of passionate feelings in me (both good and bad) so I'm always nervous before starting one of her books. But I am so dang intrigued by the reviews I've read and hoping that I'll love this one as much as you!

  3. Ahhh!! So jealous :-) I want to read this book, like, NOW after all the rave reviews I've read lately. This was a wonderful review, Kristina! I love that you wanted to join the Air Force. You would definitely be a force to be reckoned with ;-)

  4. I read this book months ago and I cannot stop thinking about it! I have since bought a bunch of books by Jennifer Echols. Great review!

  5. I just love the cover of this one, so I'm glad to hear that from the story inside it's one worth picking up.


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