Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Princesses Don't Get Fat by Aya Ling

Princesses Don't Get Fat
By: Aya Ling
Pub. Date: January 2013
Publisher: Self
Pages: 80
Source: Received from author in exchange for an honest review

A fairy tale romance with a plus sized heroine and plenty of dessert.

Princess Valeria of Amaranta is fat, but she doesn’t care. All she wants is to eat a lot and lead an idle life. When it is apparent that she cannot get a husband, her mother decides to send her to the Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts. For a chubby princess who has never picked up a sword, life at the Academy is akin to torture. Worst of all, the food is terrible.

When Valeria decides to improve Riviera cuisine by sneaking into the palace kitchens and giving orders, little does she know that the crown prince would take interest in her kitchen excursions. As they spend more time together, Valeria must decide whether she should become thin and attractive, or stay in the kitchens and remain fat.
Princess Valeria is an eater. All day, every day, she has her cook bake all different kinds of treats for her. While other princesses her age are out slaying dragons and being independent, Valeria stays in the castle and eats. Because of her weight, she has problems finding a Prince to marry, because as her mother likes to tell her, "princesses don't get fat". To help her daughter lose weight, she sends her to Royal Riviera Academy of Fighting Arts, a school where she can learn to fight and lose weight.

I couldn't stand Valeria for most of the story. She was a lazy, spoiled, and immature girl. When we finally got to see her grow as a person, that's when I warmed up to her. I enjoyed watching that evolution of her character.

My only issue was I thought it could have used a little more originality. The author took plot points straight from movies, which turned me off a bit. But other then that I did enjoy Princess Don't Get Fat. It is a cute and short read. It's highly recommend if you are looking for a light and fluffy read. 

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