Friday, July 29, 2011

Follow Friday # 3

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read! It's a great way to meet new blogger friends!

This weeks question is:

Q. Let's step away from books for a second and get personal. What T-Shirt slogan best describes you?

A: "As soon as I finish this chapter" is a perfect slogan for me because I am always saying it! My boss bought me this exact t-shirt for my birthday. She said as soon as she saw it, she thought of me.


  1. So very true! I swear I'm always saying that.

    Loving FMF... New follower here.
    tweezle @ Just One More Paragraph

  2. Haha, I can so relate to that shirt!! I feel like I'm always saying that :) Here's my FF if you want to check it out!

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)
    New follower :)

  3. I think I need that shirt! New Follower. Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, yeah. Totally true for every book lover, I think!

    I'm an old follower but just wanted to pop over and say Happy Friday!

    -Jenna @ the book element

  5. SO I say this all the time! LOL Love it.

    Here's mine:

  6. Yeah... that's what I always say at 3 or 4am... xD
    This is my Follow Friday.
    And I'm a new follower. I wouldn't mind if you follow me back *winks* :D

    BTW, I have two international giveaways going on right now so feel free to pass by and enter :D


  7. Omg, LOVE this one. So true. I think most of us book lovers have said (or thought) this on many occasions! Just one more...just one more...just one more. lol Especially the really good books! :]

    Old follower! :)

    Here's my friday memes for this week.

    ♥ Sarah

  8. Ha! That is my catch phrase, especially to my husband.

    My Hop/Follow Friday Post

  9. Ha ha! I've seen that one around as well in magazines! That's how it goes for me too if someone wants something while I am in the middle of a chapter! Hate having to stop in the middle of a chapter!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  10. How cute! That would be a great slogan for me as well. Or perhaps, "I Crave Books and Chocolate."

  11. Guess we know a book lover came up with that one! Or possibly the significant other did! LOL. New follower here, hopping through. Would love it if you stopped by to check out my #FF. Feel free to leave a comment!

    ~ andi novelista

  12. Hi, stopping by to return the follow.

    Your boss has a great sense of humor! I love that slogan.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a wonderful weekend


  13. LOL I say that all the time, love it!

    New follower!

    Nikki @ Books Most Wanted

  14. Hey! New follower. :)

    Haha, yeah that happens around here quite often. ;) I even say it to myself those nights you really should sleep, but the book is just way too good... Lol!

    Happy weekend! My slogan can be found here!

    Kindle Fever

  15. Yep, I am the same way! Great t-shirt pick ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, I'm just catching up on my FF follows, and am following you now too! :) Have a great rest of your weekend ;D

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  16. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your slogan! It's so adorable and true and untrue at the same time. Because I always tend to say, "As soon as I finish this chapter," to people who want me to stop reading, and I end up continuing anyways! x)

    Old follower for sure! :)

    Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

  17. Hopping through. Right there on the "must finish the chapter" slogan.
    My Hop

  18. Love your choice, that shirt fits me perfectly! Have a great week!


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