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Author Interview: Shanice Williams

I really enjoyed the book Kane Richards Must Die, so I am really excited about interviewing the author, Shanice Williams! This is also my first author interview, so I am doubly excited!

First here is a little information about the book: 

After an unexpected transfer to the States for her senior year, Suranne's new friends give her just one instruction: stay away from Kane Richards. According to everyone, he's a heartless playboy concerned only for himself. With one glance, it's easy to see why he gets away with it. But things aren't always what they seem- especially when he sets his sights on her and whispers that she's different. Despite all the red flags, Suranne considers whether or not his intentions are genuine or if she's simply another name on his list. In the process, she may just uncover the real Kane Richards. But, when it comes down to it, the real Kane Richards may not want to be found. Filled with raw emotion, Kane Richards Must Die explores relationships, trust, love, and what can happen when life takes an unexpected turn.

You can read my review of Kane Richards Must Die here

How would you describe your book, Kane Richards Must Die? 

Well, I would definitely describe it as intense. There's a lot of emotions and romance and hurt and pain and mature elements that give it a bit of a rollercoaster feeling. 

How did you come up with the concept for it?

Umm... well I was 16 at the time, and on summer holidays. All my friends were on vacation and I was just, y'know stuck at home bored and stuff. I remember trying to find an online story that would kinda keep me entertained and stumbled across Wattpad. A huge online e-book website where people can upload their stories and share with everyone. After checking a few out I decided I would start a story of my own. I had always wondered what it would be like to have to go to America and suddenly need to live their life as an outsider. So with that idea, a bit of drama thrown in and a hot guy, Kane Richards was  born. :D

Who was the hardest character to write in KRMD and why?

I think Lawrence and his relationship with Suranne was really hard to write. In the beginning I just wanted him as a distraction to the Kane thing going on, but then I started to get a bit of a soft spot for him, and his character developed way more than I ever knew it could. But I did find it difficult at times to really portray his true character in the book, without him seeming a bit too "full on".

How did you decide on the title?

Well, as I said, originally KRMD was for Wattpad and the readers on there who would soon become my fans. I knew that my main audience would be teenage girls, so I knew I needed a name that would draw them in, and what better way than to make it similar to the well known movie John Tucker Must Die. But at the same time, I didn't want my readers to think that it would be just another typical romance movie with some playboy guy and all his antics. But I decided to let the chapters themselves show how much more emotional and real the story was, rather than the title.

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a writer?

I always enjoyed writing and English. It was my favourite subject at school and I absolutely loved to read. But I had never really ventured out into writing my own story so to speak. I guess I didn't really realise that writing was my definite path till I had finished Kane Richards, which happened when I was 17 :D

Do you have any favorite books?

I love Meg Cabot's books. I remember reading the entire mediator series in 3 days. The Missing series in 2 days and some of her other ones I would polish through in a matter of hours. They've just always made me laugh and there's always a romantic side to it which I'm a bit of a sucker for.

Who is your favorite book character and why?

Jesse from the Mediator series. (Meg Cabot). He just... ugh, he sounds so hot. And I'd definitely be a killer for his spanish.. mmm... 

8. Are you working on anything now?

I am currently working on like 3 different books. The sequel to KRMD of course, a little romance/humour story that has a tiny bit if truth to it. ;) and then a third mystery sort of sci-fi/fantasy novel. So yeah, I got my work cut out for me!

Shanice Williams graduated from high school in England at the age of sixteen and went on to college where she is currently studying English literature, politics, and sociology. Playing the piano and writing are some of her hobbies. Her accomplishments have included penning a published poem and becoming a debut author when she signed her first publishing contract for Kane Richards Must Die on her eighteenth birthday. She currently resides in South London with her family. 

Thank you so much Shanice for taking the time to answer my questions!  

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