Friday, December 13, 2013

Blog Tour~ Excerpt & Giveaway: One Wild Night by Magan Vernon

One Wild Night Can Change Everything

Valerie Wilder doesn’t do serious relationships. She also doesn’t usually wake up in Vegas next to a male stripper…

A male stripper who happens to be her new husband.

A quickie divorce seems like the answer, but the Nevada legal system doesn’t think so.  When her new husband suggests flying back to Chicago with Valerie she accepts, wondering if one night in Vegas could turn into something much more.

If my pounding headache wasn’t enough to wake me, then the shifting on the other side of my bed was.
How much did I have to drink? 
I hadn’t hooked up with a random since college and now I could feel whoever it was moving. I guess that’s what happens when your work sends you to a conference in Vegas and your co-workers convince you to go to a strip club.

I wondered if that’s where I picked him up. If it was, I hoped he was at least hot because I didn’t remember a damn thing from the night before.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and turned toward the other side of my bed.
Damn. For being a Vegas hook-up he was about a hundred shades of sexy.

The random was on his back with his arms propped up behind his head. They weren’t veined and overly muscular like the guys in magazines, but lean and cut like a guy who knew his way around a gym and probably a woman’s body. God I hoped those arms were all over me.
My eyes trailed down from his arms to the hoops in his nipples. I always thought pierced nipples were meant for drunk college girls, but this guy with his toned pecs had me rethinking it.

He moaned, turning to his side before he opened his eyes—a gorgeous set of green ones that could have lit up the whole freaking Vegas strip. Blond spiky hair and green eyes, it was a freaking wet dream.

“Mornin’, Valerie,” he said, taking in a deep breath and stretching out his arms. An accent. The guy had a southern accent. I was about to turn into a panting teenage girl right there.

Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. When not writing she spends her time fighting over fake boyfriends via social media. You can find her online at
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