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Review & Giveaway: Whisper's Edge by London Cole

Whisper's Edge
(Whisper's Walker Series # 2)
By: London Cole
Pub. Date: October 28, 2012
Publisher: Self-Pub
Pages: 230

Drake and Kelsie quickly discover life won't be quite the same after getting their new abilities, but they hope everything will settle into a sort of normalcy. It doesn't take long for them to realize it's not the kind of normal they were hoping for.

When Kelsie joins Drake for a routine Hunt, they end up stumbling upon an underground bunker that hasn't been opened in nearly a century. When they meet a far-too-friendly ghost, it should be their first indicator to leave things alone and get out of there. Never ones to resist the opportunity for excitement or mystery, they end up in a situation that could cost them dearly–threatening not only everything they've worked for, but their very lives!

Drake's world is turned upside down. A mysterious new girl seems intent on capturing his heart, but that's not all she's after.

Kelsie faces betrayal by the one she holds most dear, only to meet someone new who could change her entire existence; past, present, and future. If only she can stay alive long enough to find out the truth...

I was a huge fan of London's first book, Whisper's Walker, so I was very excited when I received the second book, Whisper's Edge for review. As with the first one, Edge is an exciting, fast-paced read. There were a lot of plot twists that I was not expecting and a lot of character development!

Whisper's Edge begins with our favorite characters, Drake and Kelsie running for their life, thus starts the action that is Edge. While trying to escape, they come across an old shelter, and meet Megan, a seemingly innocent and lonely girl. Drake immediately feels that he needs to help and vows to return to her.

While I enjoyed both Drake and Kelsie in Whisper Walker, I could not stand Drake in this one. He was just such a stupid boy and I wanted to slap him many times for his constant stupidity. He obviously loves Kelsie, but he decided to flirt with Megan right in front of her. He did other things that pissed me off as well. Ugh, boys. Kelsie on the other hand, I absolutely loved. She really grew as a character and I think she came out a lot stronger. While Drake is busy with Megan, she too meets someone and this man, Trip, opens Kelsie's eyes to a whole new world, and to who, or what, Kelsie really is!  

I think the Whisper Walker series is seriously starting to come along, but my one main complaint was the editing, especially in the beginning. It just didn't flow right to me. It was almost like I was missing something in the writing, and it ended up turning me off a little bit. I am glad I stuck with it though, because the writing and editing did get a lot better. I also would have benefited from some recaps added in throughout the story. I was confused a lot of the time because I didn't remember some parts from the first book. I love when authors include recaps of the earlier books in the series. It saves me a lot of mental questioning! 

If you haven't started this series yet, I definitely think you are missing out. Both books are quick and exciting reads. I am looking forward to see where London Cole takes us next!

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