Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book Spotlight: Two Pair: A Quadruple or Nothing Story by Jessica, Mackenzie, Meredith, and Stephanie Jackson

Two Pair: A Quadruple or Nothing Story
By: Jessica, Mackenzie, Meredith, and Stephanie Jackson
Pub. Date: September 3, 2012
Pages: 250

Ashburg, California; the city that’s split into rich and not rich, the upper class and the middle class, the snobs and the down-to-earth…that’s how the teenagers perceived it, anyway. And it all stemmed from two schools’ rivalries. The rivalry has grown now that there are a set of twins that go to Ashburg Arts and a set of twins that go to Ashburg Academy that don’t see eye to eye.

Reagan and Ronan Jacoby thought that their only problem was wondering if their cop father, Elijah would make it home from work every day. That is, when he wasn’t trying to keep them out of trouble. They didn’t think their father dating would complicate things even further.

Savannah and Mickayla Powers thought their only problem lied in the intense dislike they had of each other. They should be classified as fraternal twins rather than identical. The only thing they can agree on is that their mother, famous fashion designer Dallas, was acting strange.

The four girls’ lives are turned upside down when they realize that they have something in common, more than just their schools’ rivalry and their own problems. There’s a shocking secret that’s at play…do they have it in the cards to figure it out?

This is their debut novel, it is the first in a four-part series.



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