Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review: Playing Dirty by Jennifer Echols

Playing Dirty
(Stargazer # 2)
By: Jennifer Echols
Pub. Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 448
Source: Edelweiss

A public relations expert tries to prevent the breakup of a raucous country band and corral their wild—and very sexy—lead singer in book 2 of the Stargazer Series.

As an expert in public relations crisis management—that is, babysitter to the stars—Sarah Seville just spent nine months in Rio trying to keep rock singer Nine Lives out of jail long enough to record his new album…and barely succeeded. Now she needs a triumphant success so she can keep the Manhattan-based job she loves. Trouble is, her new assignment is to travel to Alabama to prevent the breakup of the raucous country band The Cheatin’ Hearts, headed by sexy Quentin Cox. As she edges closer to Quentin, she discovers layers of secrets. It seems Quentin is taking the spin doctor for a spin.

The Cheatin’ Hearts have stayed on top of the charts two years following three rules. Rule One, no drugs. Rule Two, no sex with other band members. Rule Three, no sex with record company spies. Quentin figures he’d better follow the rules, because he made them. And because if you break a rule, you’re out of the band. But he can’t resist the record company’s beautiful PR agent, and inevitably he breaks Rule Three with hot Sarah Seville. As he falls for her, he finds out that she has plenty of secrets of her own, and one of them comes knocking on her door: what really happened to her in Rio.
I received this galley in exchange for an honest review.

Lately I haven't been reading as much as I used to. It takes me a week to read a book, instead of a day or two liked it used too. But then I read Playing Dirty and I read it in a night. I couldn't put it down! I was so intrigued with Sarah and Quentin and their story!

Sarah's PR job takes her down to Alabama and into the lives of country band superstars The Cheatin' Hearts. The band comes off as slutty, stupid, drug addicts. But in reality, they are smart, sweet and caring. Sarah was pretty upfront with why she was there and what her plan was. But I hated all of the secrets that The Cheatin' Hearts were keeping! It definitely got to be too much as certain points.

I loved Sarah! She was smart and could definitely hold her own! You knew something happened to her while she was on her last job, but you don't know what it is. Being the only thing she was keeping hidden, I think Echols did a wonderful job keeping it from the reader, but also providing hints. The secret never felt rushed or forced out. Then there is Quentin. He definitely moved to the top of my favorite lists! The lead singer, Quentin acts as though as is the dumbest one in the group and that all he cares about is drinking, girls and his cocaine. But in reality he got into medical school and his dream is to cure asthma and allergies, which is two things he suffers deeply from, not a cocaine addiction. He was so cute and sweet!

The connection between Sarah and Quentin can be felt right away and it is hot! When these two were together, there scenes just jumped from the page. I absolutely loved these two together!

I really enjoyed Playing Dirty and while it is the second book in the series, it can read as a stand alone. I have not read the first book, Star Crossed but I was never lost or confused. This is a story that is definitely not to be missed!

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