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Review: Between You and Me by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Between You and Me
By: Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus
Pub. Date: June 12, 2013
Publisher: Atria Books
Pages: 272
Source: Netgalley

I received this galley in exchange for an honest review. 

What happens when you are followed by millions . . . and loved by none? Twenty-seven-year-old Logan Wade is trying to build a life for herself far from her unhappy childhood in Oklahoma. Until she gets the call that her famous cousin needs a new assistant— an offer she can’t refuse.

Logan hasn’t seen Kelsey in person since their parents separated them as kids; in the meantime, Kelsey Wade has grown into Fortune Magazine’s most powerful celebrity. But their reunion is quickly overshadowed by the toxic dynamic between Kelsey and her parents as Logan discovers that, beneath the glossy fa├žade, the wounds that caused them to be wrenched apart so many years ago have insidiously warped into a show-stopping family business.

As Kelsey tries desperately to break away and grasp at a “real” life, beyond the influence of her parents and managers, she makes one catastrophic misstep after another, and Logan must question if their childhood has left them both too broken to succeed. Logan risks everything to hold on, but when Kelsey unravels in the most horribly public way, Logan finds that she will ultimately have to choose between rescuing the girl she has always protected . . . and saving herself.
I usually don't read books written by two authors. Most of the time you can tell very easily where the different authors voices begin and end, but Between You and Me worked for me. The story starts off showing the reader the busy life of Logan. She's successful at work, but not so much in her love life. Despite that, she has a great group of friends and she's ready to celebrate her birthday! That night she gets a call from her cousins assistant, asking Logan to come and visit. Logan hasn't seen Kelsey since they were children (15 years ago) so she goes right away.

Despite the synopsis, I still thought that Between You and Me was going to be a light hearted, fluffy summer read, but it was a lot more intense then that. But intense in a good way! We get transported to this rich and glitzy life filled with heartache and family secrets. I can definitely see this story as a movie! Logan becomes Kelsey's assistance and I loved seeing the inner workings of having to put on a show. There is so much to know and so many details!

The characters were very interesting. Both Logan and Kelsey had many ups and downs and it was hard to not feel for either of them. I wasn't a huge fan of Logan though. She was just such a pushover, I wish she was just a little bit stronger. Kelsey was definitely dealing with her life in the spotlight and it was sad seeing her downward spiral.

This is the first book I've read by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus and it won't be the last!


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  2. Thank you so much for the read, Kristina! We're so happy that you enjoyed Between You and Me. For us, this is the story of how Logan finds more of her "backbone" when it comes to Kelsey. In our experience the dynamics of friendships formed in childhood tend to linger until we grow up and separate from each other. And Logan and Kelsey have no small mess to untangle! We hope you will read more of our books. Please let us know when you do. :)

  3. I love The Nanny Diaries, their first book, so I've been wanting to read this. And hearing your review makes me want to read it more. And while the stories do seem to be different, one aspect I loved about The Nanny Diaries was that it could have been easy chick-lit, but really was so much more to me.


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