Saturday, February 23, 2013

Blog Tour~Snark and Circumstance: Georgia Barrett’s Tour of Longbourne, Massachusetts

Georgia Barrett’s Tour of Longbourne, Massachusetts (Scene of Snark and Circumstance)

Hi!  Welcome to my town.  We actually get a lot of tour buses here in the autumn, filled with old people who have a burning need to peep the “fall foliage”.  I hope when I am a senior citizen that I have better things to do than look at leaves through the window of a bus, but even I have to admit that I live in a very pretty town.

Here is the town hall.  It’s pretty typical of the colonial style architecture around here, and here is the church that’s across the street from it.

My sister, Leigh, goes to a church in East Longbourne that is not nearly this pretty.

And these are some of the oldest houses in town.  The one on the far left is Michael Endicott’s house, which is historic and impressive – but that doesn’t mean that I want my mom to drag me there on a Home Tour, which she does to me in Book Three.  And the house on the far right sits on Endicott Street, which was named for Michael’s family; this is something he would prefer that you not forget.

And this is Longbourne High School, Home of the MinuteMen. Which my sister Cassie, the cheerleader, would prefer you not forget. As you can see, there is a lot of brick and white wooden clapboards in this town.  But there are also some strange pockets of interesting, if you look hard enough.

Like my friend Gary’s hair.

That’s is his hair with the blue tips.  He and my other friend Dave are in a retro punk band, The Cryptic Pigs from Hell.   Dave doesn’t have a Mohawk – he’s rocking more of a retro, Elvis Costello sort of vibe. 

(And that’s Elvis Costello, by the way, whose music Dave introduced me to.  Because Dave does not like to have his picture taken and I don’t blame him so I had to come up with a reasonable approximation to show that we are not all prepbots in this town.)

Still, it’s not a bad place to live, prepbots and all.  Thanks for spending some time here with me!

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