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Blog Tour: Review: The Woman From Paris by Santa Montefiore

The Woman From Paris
By: Santa Montefiore
Pub. Date: February 15, 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 400
Source: Blog Tour

When Lord Frampton dies in a skiing accident, a beautiful young woman named Phaedra appears at his funeral—claiming to be the Lord’s illegitimate daughter. In his will, Lord Frampton has left the priceless Frampton suite of sapphires to this interloper, confirming her claim and outraging his three adult sons and widow. Eventually, however, Phaedra’s sweet nature thaws the frosty relationships. She becomes the daughter that Antoinette Frampton never had and a wise and compassionate granddaughter to the formidable Dowager Lady Frampton. But an attraction grows between Phaedra and the eldest son, David. It seems an impossible love—blocked by their blood connection and by the fury of one family member who is determined to expose Phaedra as a fraud.

Filled with the luscious scenery and enchanting characters her fans adore, Santa Montefiore’s The Woman from Paris is an unforgettable story about family, forgiveness, and the power of love.
The Women From Paris is one of those stories that completely takes you on an amazing journey from page one. The writing is lyrical, the characters are interesting and completely unique, and the story is so captivating you will not be able to put it down. I experienced many emotions while reading it, and it is a book that I will highly recommend!

Phaedra Chancellor arrives at Lord Frampton's funeral, and knowing he has put her in his will, explains to his family that she just met him a few months ago, and she is his daughter. After this revelation, you see how each family member reacts to the news. Some want to get to know her, while others think she is lying. I really loved how she became a member of the family. I wasn't expecting this rich, almost royalty kind of family to be so open and loving. It made me wish that I was a member of the Frampton family too!

The story is told in third person narrative and at first I was confused with the way the author choose to switch different points of views, I ended up loving it. I knew everybody's opinion and thoughts about any given situation and it made me feel that much more connected to the characters.

The ending was completely unexpected, and I loved the way it all came together. I also really loved the cover. It's one of the reasons I agreed to review it. The simplicity of it makes the cover beautiful! The Woman From Paris is a book that I will recommend to my mom and to my friends. I think many types of people can enjoy this story! 

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  1. Kristina, I'm so glad you enjoyed Santa's lyrical writing and you look forward to recommending her new novel to your mom and your friends. Thanks for the lovely review!


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